Our Company

Our story

Passion. Tripdreaming was born from the dream of two passionate globetrotters to own an exciting business related to what they love most: traveling. Their idea was to change the traditional concept of a typical travel agency and design trips and itineraries that are fully customized based on the interests and passions of each traveler to offer a unique and personalized experience.
Founders.  Silvia and Patrick, the founders of Tripdreaming, accustomed to travel the world; quit their corporate jobs in New York years ago to go on a seven months adventure to discover South America. From there, they moved to Europe for four years, and without any fear to reinvent themselves, started working in the tourism industry, and sharing their own experiences in a travel blog to inspire readers to see the world.
Interest. Little by little, they received queries from travelers around the world, which were inspired by their trips and wanted advice for their own journeys, from recommendations to personalized itineraries. As a result, they created a boutique travel company called Tripdreaming, to inspire travelers dreaming about seeing the world and offer them customized travel experiences.

Our philosophy


One of the most rewarding experiences in life is to see the world and immerse yourself in new cultures.


There is no age for traveling, it is all about keeping alive the spark of curiosity.


We believe that everyone has dreams but the most important thing is to make them a reality.


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

The Founders & Dreamers