Trip: Tour through Europe - 9 countries & 15 cities

"Excellent service and great people! Patrick and Silvia were really a great help! All the accommodations they made such as hotels, transportation, and tours were really great and excellent. All their recommendations such as restaurants were great and they really are a big help! My cousins and I took off for a month to Europe 15 cities and 9 different countries and they were with us every step of the way guiding us and helping us make the best of our trip. They also helped make transportation like trains and flights less stressful even when we missed our flight they were able to accommodate us. They helped us to find our way and to a great time in every city. I really appreciate all the work and research they did for us because we wouldn't have been able to do this trip without them!"

Maximiliano Sapien & Cousins, El Paso, USA

Trip: Bulgaria & Greece

"Gracias a Silvia y Patrick por planear nuestro viaje a Bulgaria y Grecia, cuidaron cada detalle para que nuestro viaje fuera perfecto, incluso para nuestra pequeña hija de 2 años. Tripdreaming no es una agencia de viajes típica, es un travel planner que te prepara todo al 100% personalizado y están disponibles cada día que te encuentras de viaje para cualquier pregunta, duda e incluso reminders de actividades."


English translation: "Thanks to Silvia and Patrick for planning our trip to Bulgaria and Greece, they took care of every single detail to make our trip perfect, even for our 2 year old daughter. Tripdreaming is not a typical travel agency, it is a travel planner that organizes everything 100% personalized and they are available every day of your trip for any questions, doubts and to remind you about your tours and activities."

Families Alvarado & Robles , Monterrey, Mexico

Trip: Music & Soccer Trip through the UK, Spain and France

"Tres países en pocos días parecía imposible verlo todo. Pero gracias a Tripdreaming y a la excelente guía de Silvia y Patrick pudimos hacer un increíble viaje personalizado y ver lugares emblemáticos para los amantes de la música y el futbol. Aprovechamos el tiempo al máximo con las guías detalladas para cada día y cuando requerimos ayuda, ellos estuvieron pendientes las 24 horas del día! Fue un viaje inolvidable, así que si buscan una aventura personalizada sin importar cuales sean sus gustos o intereses, no duden en ponerse en contacto con ellos."


English translation: "To see three countries in a few days seemed impossible. But thanks to Tripdreaming and the excellent (written) guides of Silvia and Patrick, we were able to enjoy an incredible personalized trip and see emblematic places for music and soccer lovers. We used our time to the maximum with detailed guides for each day and when we required help, they were available 24 hours a day! It was an unforgettable trip, so if you are looking for a personalized adventure no matter what your interests are, do not hesitate to get in touch with them."

Gabriela Sanchez, Marcela Sanchez & Victor Rosete, Mexico City, Mexico

Trip: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

"Die Reise nach Mexiko geplant durch Tripdreaming war unvergesslich und einzigartig. Sie war gezielt auf unsere Wünsche und Bedürfnisse abgestimmt. Alles sehr persönlich, was uns sehr gefallen hat. Auch zu wissen dass Tripdreaming immer erreichbar ist war sehr beruhigend. Die nächste Reise geht nach Amerika und wird selbstverständlich von Tripdreaming geplant."


English translation: "The trip to Mexico planned by Tripdreaming was memorable and unique. It was tailored to our wishes and needs. Everything was very personal, which we liked very much. Also knowing that Tripdreaming is always available was very reassuring. The next trip goes to America and will of course be planned by Tripdreaming."

Bianca & Wilfried Rauw, Berg, Belgium